De dubbel DVD 65 jaar Hengelose Revue Historie kunt u bestellen via

De speeldata voor de revue 2022 zijn 28, 29, 30 januari en 2, 3 en 4 februari 2022.

De titel voor de nieuwe revue is “Hoge Nood”.


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Voor mensen die moeilijk naar het theater kunnen verzorgen wij gezellige middagen in ons mooie revuepand aan de Torenlaan 5-3  in Hengelo  Voor meer informatie kunt u contact opnemen met Henk Kiewik tel: 074-2776603.


Buying Lonely Oriental Wife? Hints and tips For Women Who Want to Live Gladly Ever After

There are so many Asian wives whom are depressed with their husbands and they are in search of appreciate. They want to live in a society in which they can find love and fulfillment. The world is so overloaded, with people from all different cultures. In order to feel safeguarded, these spouses will make eschew to find that special person who will be her husband. With regards to looking for an Asian partner, the following hints and tips can be very useful to you.

First, Asian girlfriends or wives need to understand that there are some males who can simply provide a place to live to them. In addition , Cookware women also have to understand that some men are not able to live independently. They will have to experience someone else. This might appear difficult initially but if you know what their wife wants, you can be powerful. She might prefer someone to enjoy her kids or take care of her once she is tired.

Second, Asian wives should not be frightened to go online for an Asian husband. It is crucial for them to figure out that men carry out look for Cookware wives. Many men are looking for Cookware wives who have are looking for love, happiness and fulfillment. Most men will be more than happy to spend time with a better half who is completely happy. Asian wives must understand that this type of relationship will need them to interact with each other.

Third, Asian spouses who are truly articles should not be fearful to watch out for an Asian husband. In addition , if a woman has a partner, this girl must recognize that he might leave her. For example , a lot of men definitely will leave the wives for the purpose of someone who does not have the same level of determination. Therefore , it is necessary for Cookware wives to keep in mind that they have to become very committed to each other. Once they happen to be married, they have to have no misgivings.

Last, many Asian wives want to know if their husband feels that the marriage may be worth saving. This can be a common thing for a partner to try and receive her husband to talk about his feelings and emotions. However , this is usually a difficult activity to ask men to do. A few women as well worry that if their husbands want, they are significantly less going to work at their very own marriage since they will be miserable in their relationship.

However , it is important to get Asian girlfriends or wives to realize that their husbands are not definitely going to always be happy. Periodically men may have affairs but these relationships often end since the husband has reached a point of disappointment and he feels like he cannot continue to keep in the marriage.