De dubbel DVD 65 jaar Hengelose Revue Historie kunt u bestellen via

De speeldata voor de revue 2022 zijn 28, 29, 30 januari en 2, 3 en 4 februari 2022.

De titel voor de nieuwe revue is “Hoge Nood”.


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Voor mensen die moeilijk naar het theater kunnen verzorgen wij gezellige middagen in ons mooie revuepand aan de Torenlaan 5-3  in Hengelo  Voor meer informatie kunt u contact opnemen met Henk Kiewik tel: 074-2776603.


Finding Wife Overseas – 3 or more Tips You Need to Use to Find Wife Back After Divorce

Do you want to find a partner abroad? You may want to know how you can get her rear. I was in your predicament and I really want to let you are aware that there are methods for you to find the partner back. You can even learn among the better ways for you to find a partner overseas for free.

First, you should realize that you don’t have to give up his passion of your life if you find that she has taken a fresh name. Right now there are lots of ways to get wife overseas, who is even now married with her spouse. You just have to understand how to do it. In this article I am going to show you some of the best methods for you to find your wife back.

The primary way to look for your wife is by using an online search. This is probably the simplest way to find your spouse and you will save time and effort. The best place to start out would be the internet. There are a great number of sites that deal with finding partner overseas totally free. All you have to carry out is type the person’s term into a internet search engine like Google or Askjeeve. When you find a web site that gives you results then you can contact them and they’ll help you find your wife.

The second way to locate a wife overseas is to use a paid agency. These types of agencies are prepared for people who are looking for an individual but they usually do not want to pay a lot of money. They charge tiny fees in people who want to find their particular wife offshore. It does not matter just how many times you need to look for your spouse if you do not have a huge budget. They may have people who are experts in searching for a wife who has left her husband.

Finally, employing a friend is a wonderful way to look for a wife in foreign countries. A friend will usually know someone who has traveled to a foreign country and may give you some recommendations on how to find a wife that is still wedded to her spouse. Sometimes it could be difficult to find somebody when you are not married and a friend can provide you with some tips and hints and tips.

Right now that you know how to locate wife in another country, what are you waiting for? I do know your feelings. If you are trying to figure out what to do after finding out your wife has been delivered to a foreign country then you certainly need to take action. You will save considerable time and cash by using these resources. Use this details to help you find a partner back.